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SYSEAM, S.A. offers a high variety of products in different materials and finishes. Using different printing techniques (printing, flexo and offset printing) can offer a wide range of materials and formats.


Section of labels, we have experience with all types of print media to meet customer needs, whether opaque paper, tamper-proof, unbreakable and removable. We can also provide other finishes such as varnishes to protect application label environmental elements like the sun or humidity, and these varnishes are reprintable (later reprinted by data, date of manufacture and expiry date, for example). We also have experience in the use of materials finished in silver derivatives, as well as special printing ink (stamping) and numbered print on the back.

The tags are reviewed by our computer vision.


Regarding prospects, we can provide from simple products such as individual sheets or coils, multifolded in almost any format and size as well as double-fold brochures and other office products.


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