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SYSEAM, S.A. as a pharmaceutical laboratory specializes in handling secondary conditioning. It also has the authority to manipulations of cosmetics and personal care products (Declaration number 643) and food supplements, specifically for secondary packaging.


We have a room for manipulation authorized by this activity (registration NÂș 4036E laboratory) is performed according to the standards of Good Manufacturing of medicines (GMP).


Manipulations carried out, including:


  • Retagged: Lot expiration national code, coupon seal.
  • Tagged with numbered tags (Bollini, vignette).
  • Printing to Inkjet: Batch, expiry, etc...
  • Changing the secondary packaging: Cases, leaflets, etc...
  • Product Transformations: Change the case to another presentation.
  • Automatic control of weight (balance Garvens)
  • Product Reviews, assembly and shrink exhibitors, etc.


SYSEAM, S.A. has long engagement with the environment improved in order to reduce impacts that could affect the environment.

Quality policy of Acondicionamient Secundario Syseam.

GMP Certificate.


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